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There are segments of the market that are not being served by today’s Crowdfunding Marketplaces, Banks & Credit Unions, Insurance & Life Companies, or Agency and Government programs. This is where we fit in, And you may too!

Hard Money Lending

We arrange Commercial & Residential real estate loans for Entities, Fiduciaries, Investors, Entrepreneurs, the Self-employed, Small Business Owners, Contractors, Builders and Real Estate & Mortgage Professionals on transactions not eligible for conventional financing.

Trust Deed Investing

We offer Secured Investments for Accredited Investors. Select from either whole loan or  fractional interest in California trust deed investments. These are newly originated loans (Promissory Note and Trust Deed) funded directly from escrow.

Note Buying & Selling

We purchase promissory notes secured by deeds of trust on California real estate, both residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to provide effective alternatives designed to convert your illiquid real estate note to a lump sum of immediate cash.

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Hard Money Financing Real Life Success Stories

We are proud of our record in helping borrowers obtain the financing they need and investors the higher quality risk-adjusted returns they seek.


Borrower was seeking a purchase loan to acquire a 6 Unit Multi Family Dwelling as the up-leg (replacement property) in a 1031 Delayed Exchange with an exchange/purchase period fast approaching the 180 Day Deadline to close. Additionally, the borrower was self-employed with business income reported on an individual IRS Form 1040 that did not necessarily represent income that has actually been distributed to the borrower. We focused our underwriting on the subject property, factoring current rents and marketability and closed (within two weeks of loan inquiry) on a $475,000 First Deed of Trust, perfecting the 1031 tax deferred exchange.

Real Life Success Story




Modular SFR

Borrower owned two contiguous lots free & clear, each fully entitled with a stamped set of approved plans and permits for Factory Built Modular SFR’s. Grading and foundation work stalled due to lack of funds. Traditional financing was no longer an option due to broken title issues and mechanic lien endorsement challenges. We resolved the title concerns, was issued a title policy with requisite endorsements, and facilitated a construction completion loan.

Real Life Success Story




Church Property

An existing religious organization was seeking a purchase loan to acquire a Religious Facility for owner-user purposes. As a younger church with a recently ordained pastor, traditional sources of financing were not available. However, we saw a different financial picture. Monthly Tithes and Offerings were consistent. Membership was growing. Subject grounds had three manufactured housing units on site that could be rented out to generate additional revenue. Additionally, the Pastor was strong financially and had state government employment. We took an alternative approach to underwriting, factoring market rents of the modular units as well as the borrowers compensating factors to derive additional qualifying income and facilitated a new first lien of $155,000.

Real Life Success Story





This brand new manufactured SFR, listed for sale at the time of application, was one of two properties collateralized against a ballooning note with less than a month before maturity. The borrower needed to free up one of the properties to sell, but also wanted to maintain the debt at the original principle balance for income tax purposes. The primary objection traditional lenders had was the borrowers Schedule E reflecting a loss from rental real estate. We took an alternative approach, and focused our underwriting on the subject property, factoring market rents and marketability as well as the borrowers compensating factors – additional sources of income. We structured a new first mortgage of $218,000 against the new manufactured unit preserving the borrowers tax basis.

Real Life Success Story




Agricultural Property

This Orchard Ranch property’s line of credit had matured and the borrower was facing an impending NOD due to several failed refinance attempts at major banks and an impatient creditor that would not renew the line – all because the institutional lenders were singularly focused on deriving income from tax returns. We took a global approach to underwriting the borrower’s income, using bank statement deposits with asset amortization to derive additional qualifying income and facilitated a new first lien of $500,000, avoiding the NOD filing and preserving the borrowers excellent credit – all within two weeks of receiving the initial loan request.

Real Life Success Story




It is our goal to help you meet your goal.

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“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know no way of judging of the future but by the past.” Patrick Henry.


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