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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and will keep your personal information completely confidential as stated in our Privacy Policy.

Terms of Service

This request is not a loan application. It is simply a request for a representative to contact you. This is a convenient way to get things started with Hanover Mortgage Company. After you complete and submit this online request, a Hanover Mortgage Company representative will contact you.

All information will remain safe and secure as the information submitted in this form will be used only for the purposes of your query as we only collect the information necessary to address your inquiry. Hanover Mortgage Company does not sell your personal information to third parties.

  • No credit checks can or will be run by Hanover Mortgage Company without your prior authorization. By completing this form you are not authorizing Hanover Mortgage Company to pull your credit report or charge you any application fees.

Please Note: Once you have completed this expression of interest your information will be sent to Hanover Mortgage Company. A representative from Hanover Mortgage Company may contact you by telephone or email. By submitting your expression of interest you are consenting to receive telephone calls or email from Hanover Mortgage Company even if your phone number is on the Do Not Call List. There is no obligation for submitting your information.

Express Permission

Your expressed consent for us to call you is required. Even though you’ve provided us with your telephone number, you must check the box confirming that you are giving your expressed consent for us (and only us) to contact you by telephone to discuss your request. By “us”, we mean any employee, independent contractor or third party service provider of Hanover Mortgage Company – for mortgage information, loan products and processing, or for real estate matters.


The federal government formally established the Do Not Call Registry in December 2002 and launched it in June 2003 with joint enforcement from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The laws were originally enacted to curb nuisance sales calls from telemarketers, but in reality these laws apply to all U.S. companies that make any kind of sales transaction over the telephone – including mortgage companies and real estate firms.

The law specifically states that you must give your written consent for us, or any other seller of goods and services, to contact you if you are registered on the national Do Not Call registry, even if you are party soliciting the product or service. By providing us with your phone number(s) to contact you within the form, we believe you are granting us your implied consent to contact you, whereas your further confirmation by checking the express consent box prior to transmitting the form online is considered your expressed consent.

Even if your phone number(s) are not registered on the National Do Not Call registry, you must still grant us consent to contact you via telephone.

Our Rights to Communicate with You

By applying for any product or service through the Web Site, even if you are listed in any “Do Not Call” registry, you agree that Hanover Mortgage Company and/or the relevant Provider may contact you by telephone or electronic mail about your application, the status of your application, alternatives available to you in the event your application is rejected, and other products or services offered by or through Hanover Mortgage Company and/or the relevant Provider which may be of interest to you. You further agree that Hanover Mortgage Company may add you to its list of subscribers to the newsletter Hanover Mortgage Company periodically publishes and distributes via electronic mail, and you acknowledge that Hanover Mortgage Company will provide you a mechanism enabling you to “unsubscribe” from that list in each issue of the newsletter.