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Hard Money Loan Closed in Clearlake, California

A Funded Blanket Loan in Clearlake, CA! A hard money loan closed on a single-family dwelling + vacant lot in Clearlake, CA. This blanket loan provided renovation funds to improve a rental property. Borrower is a seasoned landlord with 20+ SFR’s, and regularly makes property updates and renovations to his portfolio to maximize his ROI. Subject is in Clearlake a city in Lake County, California, United States. Clearlake is 4.5 miles north-northwest of Lower Lake, at an elevation of 1,417 feet. As of the 2020 census, the city had a total population of 16,685, up from 15,250 in 2010. It

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Helping people pay rent during pandemic

Protecting Your Rental Income During the Pandemic

Protecting Your Rental Income During the Pandemic The CDC has extended the federal eviction moratorium through the end of June 2021. Millions of people are behind on rent, and the eviction moratorium is leaving landlords holding the bag. One in four Americans is feeling the financial strain from Covid-19. Most renters are now living paycheck to paycheck. It is highly likely that you have tenants that can’t afford to pay their rent. You may find that you are currently having difficulty filling your rentals during this time as well. Many people are choosing to move in with family members when they

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