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Hard Money Loan Closed in San Bernardino, California

A hard money blanket loan recently closed against three SFR dwellings in San Bernardino, CA. This was a cash-out loan against three properties, all remodeled and tenant occupied with stabilized rents and positive cash-flow. Proceeds were used to finance the purchase of an investment property for a real estate investor.

Here are the loan details:San Bernardino, CA Hard Money Loan

  • Refinance – Cash-out
  • Purpose – Investment Capital
  • Loan-to-Value: 55% “AS IS” Value
  • First Trust Deed
  • 60 Month Term
  • Principal & Interest Payments
  • San Bernardino County, CALIFORNIA
  • PRINCIPAL AMOUNT: $214,000.00

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G. David Lapin is the president and Broker of Record of HanoverMC, a private money lending and trust deed investment firm located in Orange County, California and is an author and speaker on the topic of private money lending and trust deed investing. Lapin was most recently featured in Robert Irwin’s book “Armchair Real Estate Investor” and hosted his own radio show “The Hard Money Hour”. Lapin's professional career in real estate encompasses 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in both the commercial and residential sectors, bridging property management, development, construction, investment sales and finance including residential mortgage banking and brokerage - originating, processing and closing 5,000 + purchase & refinance transactions, and the underwriting and funding of private money transactions.

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