Hard Money Loan Closed in Clearlake, California

A hard money Blanket loan closed on an income producing property in Clearlake, CA 95422.

This cash-out refinance loan against an investment property (an improved lot with two detached SFR dwellings and Vacant lot) provided investment capital to buy investment property.

Geologists believe that Clear Lake may be the oldest lake in North America, with lakes existing at its site for approximately 2.5 million years. Clear Lake was born when a huge landslide dammed the headwaters of Cold Creek, blocking westward water flow into the Russian River. Water filled the level valley. The rising waters eventually found an outlet in Cache Creek, which drained eastward into the Sacramento River. Source: Lake County Marketing and Economic Development Program

Here are the loan details:

  • Residential Duplex & Vacant Lot
  • Refinance, Cash-out
  • Purpose – Investment Capital
  • Loan-to-Value (As Is) – 60%
  • First Trust Deed
  • 60 Month Term
  • Principal & Interest Payments
  • Lake County, CALIFORNIA
  • PRINCIPAL AMOUNT: $60,000.00

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