California Hard Money Loan Approval

California Hard Money Loan Approval

There is a false premise that hard money real estate loans are a last resort for desperate borrowers with no options, but this is simply not true.  California real estate hard money loans provide borrowers with non-bank loan options. Often real estate investors and/or small business owners are simply locked out of traditional lenders loan programs.  This can be due to the real estate itself, self-employment, lack of adequate supporting income – seasonal, fluctuating, etc., a blemished credit report or need for speed.  Hanover MC prides itself with hard money creative real estate financing options that can be can be customized to fit most borrowers special loan purposes.

There are several competitive advantages to consider when looking at Hanover MC private lending.

  • Private lenders are nimble, much more so than larger institutions, and can move quickly to fund…in days, instead of weeks or even months, especially through new digital platforms that streamline the process.
  • Private lenders have the ability to fill voids and meet needs that are caused by short time horizons, impaired credit, limited liquidity, transitional property scenarios or business plans that are more complex than regulated lenders can undertake.
  • And, given the monumental shift in the availability of capital, the private lending industry is looking more like the institutional world in terms of pricing.

As a trusted funding source for 25+ years, Hanover MC offers 1st, 2nd and 3rd California hard money real estate loans for commercial & residential transactions that do not qualify for ordinary bank or conventional financing.

Our philosophy – You’re not ‘a loan’ as each borrower has their own set of needs and wants, and a California hard money loan should be structured such that it is sustainable for both borrower and property in mind.

Hanover MC takes great effort in becoming your finance partner, so you may achieve your real estate goals. We go above and beyond to show transparency in the loan process. Our process is highly individualized to gain a clear and true understanding of the unique borrowing attributes and needs of each borrower client. We are proud of the success our clients achieve with our financing and we seek to retain a client for life and look forward to solving your California hard money real estate financing needs.

Hanover MC serves borrowers who require speed, creativity and flexibility are finding trusted, private sources of capital to be expeditious and efficient.

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