American Dream


Life, Liberty & Property

We believe deeply in the core idea of the American Dream

Serving Main Street America

Private sector regulation have hurt Main Street Financing & Investment. Instead of focusing on the real problems with Wall Street, Congress and Washington bureaucrats over corrected and created expensive new regulatory burdens that hurt borrowers and investors on Main Street. HanoverMC seeks to democratize access to capital and investment opportunities to the underserved Main Street market by providing alternative mortgage and debt investment solutions. We’re dedicated to helping borrowers to obtain financing for real estate, note holders access to liquidity and capital investors to earn an attractive risk-adjusted return.

Hanover MC advocates pro-growth public policies that would lead to prosperity on Main Street such as:

We believe deeply in the core idea of the American Dream –  not just because it’s a moral imperative, but also because it is the surest way to build prosperity for every American.

The Epic of America

AMERICAN DREAM – J.T.Adams, an American writer and historian, in his book – The Epic of America, expressed the term as “the dream of a land in which life should be better, richer, and fuller for every man with opportunities for each according to his abilities and achievement”. It teaches Americans to believe that contentment can be reached through the virtues of thrift, hard work, family loyalty, and faith in free enterprise system.


G. David Lapin
G. David LapinPresident & Broker of Record
G. David Lapin serves as the President of and Broker of Record for Hanover Mortgage Company. He holds a Real Estate Broker’s License from the State of California Department of Real Estate, maintains a Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (“NMLS”) MLO endorsement, and is a member of the California Mortgage Association and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.

His experience encompasses thirty+ years of practice in a broad range of interrelated areas of real estate, including commercial development, construction, investment brokering, property management, and lending, with twenty-five+ years direct transactional experience in residential mortgage banking and brokerage.

David is a contributor of articles to real estate and finance periodicals and a speaker on the topic of mortgage financing. David was featured in Robert Irwin’s book, Armchair Real Estate Investor and had hosted his own radio show.

With a strong knowledge of real estate finance and having sat on all sides of the negotiating table, David understands the intricacies of real estate and mortgage transactions and has created the Hanover vision to serve Californians real estate financing and investment needs.

David lives in Orange County, California with his wife, Jo-Ann and their two children. He is an alumnus of California State University (Fullerton). He also earned an Associate of Arts degree in economics from Irvine Valley College and conducted a portion of his studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, France.

Cal DRE Lic: 01077870 ~ NMLS ID: 258730


Jo Ann Lapin
Jo Ann LapinMLO | Account Executive
Jo Ann Lapin is the chief production officer at HanoverMC, and is responsible for procuring equity-investment opportunities. With over 18 years of experience in residential real estate lending, business development and sales, Jo-Ann manages new and existing business relationships – identifying sales and investment opportunities, educating current and potential clients and referral partners about the firm’s products and services and articulating the company’s ability to meet the clients’ lending and investment objectives, ensuring client retention and satisfaction, while building trust, confidence, loyalty and goodwill.

Jo Ann’s strong work ethic extends to her commitment to community service. Volunteer work includes: ADL, Jewish Family Services of Orange County – Volunteer community services; Avon Breast Cancer – Early detection/Awareness; Selwin Segal Hostel (South Africa) – Teaching Mentally Handicapped Children dancing, arts and crafts, and the Joyful Foundation an organization that donates hand-made blankets to hospitals, cancer centers, and individuals receiving long-term medical treatments.

Jo Ann was born and raised in South Africa. She immigrated to the United States with her family in the early 1990’s and established her roots in Orange County, CA, where she resides with her husband, David and their two children.

Cal DRE Lic: 01203203 ~ NMLS ID: 258823


Hanover Mortgage Company is a Private Money Lending & Trust  Deed Investment Company located in Orange County, California.

Founded in 1991, our services include originating, underwriting, funding and servicing of private trust deed transactions in the state of California.

We balance the demand between capital and opportunity to the benefit of investors, borrowers and referring professionals alike.

As a Private Money Lending company we specialize in equity based real estate secured loans providing fast, flexible and competitive financing alternatives for borrowers or properties that do not meet conventional underwriting guidelines.

As a Trust Deed Investment Company (TDIC), we present quality Trust Deed Investments which offer a stable yield, lower downside risk, solid exit strategy and consistent return on investments.


Hanover Mortgage Company dba Hanover MC is a California Corporation licensed by the California Department of Real Estate and is SAFE Act compliant.

Licensing board: California Department of Real Estate (CalDRE)

Licensee Status Inquiries:
Licensing information: (916) 227-0931 CalDRE website.
Click here to check the status of our corporation license record with the CalDRE.
Enter our license I.D. number: 01410448

Licensing board: Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS)

Licensee Status Inquiries:
NMLS Consumer AccessSM Website
Click here to verify our NMLS licensing/registration information.
Enter our NMLS I.D. number: 337458

Financial Note: Hanover Mortgage Company is privately held, run and controlled by its original founder. The company was self-financed, is cash flow positive and does not owe money to outside investors or venture capitalists.

Hanover Mortgage Company

  • Maintains a positive Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) credit rating: D&B D-U-N-S Number: 14-694-1716
  • Holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We bring together Capital and Opportunity

We facilitate real estate lending and trust deed investing by meeting the special financing needs of qualifying borrowers and the investment objectives of accredited trust deed investors.

What Makes Us Different?

People do business with people they like and trust. In most cases, our differentiation distills down to building relationships versus simply completing transactions. The result is a win-win for all stakeholders: Investor, Borrower and Referral Partner.


Generate a steady income stream that is secured by real estate.

Rigorous underwriting which has the principals doing work that other lending institutions would outsource, which serves to protect our investors at every turn.

Providing greater speed and control over the escrow/closing process as we will create a trust deed and promissory note, riders & disclosures.

Offering an all-inclusive out-sourcing alternative for servicing; managing the repayment process, and provide both parties with year-end statements for tax purposes.

We continue to monitor the performance of the loans and provide guidance to our investors throughout the life of the loan.

All loan payments are made directly to a nationally recognized, insured, bonded, and licensed loan servicing company. Your payments can be automatically deposited into your account and you will receive monthly statment.


Get approved without being subject to a strict qualification process.

Minimum documentation, less digging, sorting and collecting paperwork

Choose from fully Amortized to Interest Only programs.

The approval process can be completed in as little as 5 business days.

We can fund your loan quickly, often within days of loan approval.

Overcome the enormous obstacles presented by conventional loans.

Referral Partners

You will always communicate directly with senior management.

We follow-up early and often. Even if its bad news, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Personal Attention to our clients and our clients’ client’s.

Evaluating each transaction on its own merits.

We know your customers are on pins and needles waiting to hear about their loans. That’s why we get back to you with an answer usually within 24 hours.

Working for you, not against you. Referral Partner maintains client control.

Why we do What we do

 We believe deeply in the core idea of the American Dream – the idea that if we work hard and play by the rules we will have a better life than our parents – not just because its a moral imperative, but also because it is the surest way to build prosperity for every American.

Client Focused. Goal Driven. Always Caring.

It is our goal to help our clients meet their goals as if each client were a member of our family.

For over 25 years we have built our reputation on proven performance and we remain fully committed to providing our clients with the very best in Quality & Service. We have dedicated ourselves to helping enrich the financial lives of each of our clients.

Our clients choose us – and stay with us – because we are focused wholly on helping them manage and maximize their money. We work diligently to build and continue trusting relationships so that we can help clients make informed decisions designed to address both their current situations and their long-term goals.

We Go to Work to Prosper…We work to make our dreams come true.

We Exercise Incredible Drive…We are driven, and we persevere until the job is done and targets are hit, and then we go again.

We Never Make Excuses…When things go wrong, we see it as an opportunity, not an insurmountable hurdle.

We Focus on Goals Daily…Every day presents an opportunity to set and reach goals regardless of how large or small they are.

We Are Willing to Fail…Of course, we aren’t interested in failing, but we know that if we don’t put ourselves in a position to fail, we’ll never create the ability to win.